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Roatan Day Trip is a family business, born with the purpose of providing activities like Snorkeling, Beach pass, Monkey and sloth encounters, Sightseeing tours, group and family excursions, private island tours, water and land activities and much more fun experience in Roatan island, also tourist transportation from/to any area in the island. Our prices and customer service distinguish us, our tour guides have extensive experience in the local tourism industry.

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Roatan island is the perfect place in the Caribbean with a rich variety of tourist centers and activities, by booking with us we guarantee local knowledge, culture and historical information, safety and responsibility and a lot of fun in each excursion and tour, our local guides will take you to the best beaches in Roatan, make ecological walks, zipline, snorkeling, beach activities, recreational diving and much more, then some popular activities, see the complete list click here.

Shuttle service in Roatan

Friendly Drivers
Roatan Airport Juan Galvez

From your residential, hotel, resort or apartment to the airport.

Great Service
Roatan Hotels and Airport Shuttle

Transportation services from your hotel, resort to any point in Roatan.

Shuttle to Roatan Ferry Terminals

We pick up at Galaxy & Tropical Ferry of Utila Dream terminal.

Roatan Cruise Port Transportation and Shuttle

Mahogany Cruise Port or Town Center Roatan ports.

Why Roatan Island

Why Choose Roatan island?

Roatan island is the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands in Honduras. Long and thin (50km long, but only 2km to 4km wide), the island is (like neighboring Utila) a diving and snorkeling paradise – virtually its entire coastline is fringed by the mesoamerican reef, also called the Mayan reef. On land, exquisite turquoise warm waters, plus white-sand beaches like West Bay, West End, Camp Bay up in the east, a perfect island for ecotourism, and the green area of the island, popularly known as east end where you can enjoy of multiple activities, like Oak Ridge "The Little Venice" or Mangrove Tunnels.

  • A must for Travelers
  • A variety of Activities
  • Best beaches in the region (By TripAdvisor)
  • Affordable rates in the tourism industry
  • Surrounded by the Mesoamerican barrier reef

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